Our Teams Make My PMS Kits

My PMS Kits is constructed of several teams who all play a significant part in running My PMS Kits. These teams are complied of extremely talented women who grace My PMS Kits operation by lending their time and knowledge to drive our mission forward! 

Every team is unique in it’s task and all teams have a manager in which they report to directly. The teams will work together to create marketing campaigns, order products, create content, customer service, etc. 

Below is the lists of teams and how they operate. If you find a team you are interested in and believe you would be a great asset I encourage you to please complete the application for the team!

Ambassador Team

My PMS Kits has collected a team of brand ambassadors who love the products and love to share My PMS Kits mission and passion. These team is used to share promotions, product announcements, events, sales, and much more. Each week a email goes out to the Ambassador Team informing them and proving the content to be shared on their social medias to promote My PMS Kits. 


  • For every post a Ambassador makes on social media $5 is taken off the renewal price of their next Kit


  • if you have one of the following:
    • more than 1,000 followers on Instagram
    • more than 1,000 friends/followers on Facebook
    • more than 1,000 followers on TikTok
    • more than 200 subscribers on Youtube
    • Personal Blog

If you are interested in this team and have hit at least one of the qualifications please follow the application button below!