Our Mission

My PMS Kits goal is to educate, remove the stigma, and the suppression surrounding periods by creating a education platform and a source of safe personal care products. 

With the continues efforts from our team members to bring information, tutorials, and high quality products we hope to one day have a world without menstruation shaming and safe products accessible to every woman.

One way we are helping to drive our goal forward is buy donating $1 for every one of our Kits sold to purchasing and providing Feminine Hygiene Products to homeless woman in need. So far we have donated:

$ 0
To Homeless Shelters

As we continue to grow we will continue to assist those women in need! 

You Can Help

There are two ways you can help drive this mission:

  1. Becoming a subscriber and purchasing a Kit
  2. If you don’t want to make a purchase but, still want to help? Click the Donation button below and you can make a donation to help purchase more hygiene products for the women in need.

Suggest Your Local Shelter

We want to help every women in need across the country! But, some times it’s hard to decide who to assist first! Suggest your local shelter and we will send them supplies to help the women in that shelter in your community!

Seeing the Impact

We love to hear what our efforts are doing for the women we assist! Below are stories that have been shared from those we have sent products too!